Wayfinder is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace to protect our employees, contractors, customers, visitors, members of the community and the general public. Wayfinder is also committed to conducting operations in a manner which will protect the environment (i.e., pollution prevention). This commitment begins at the Board and Senior Management levels and extends throughout the organization. In return, Wayfinder demands a firm commitment from every individual working with or on its behalf, together with our customers and contractors, to respect our safety culture and sustain healthy, safe, and environmentally responsible operations.

The responsibility to work responsibly and comply with all health, safety and environment (HSE) regulations, industry rules and company policies, processes, and procedures, is a condition of employment for all Wayfinder officers, managers, supervisors, employees and contractors.

Our continuous objective of sustaining a safety culture includes the requirement to maintain a documented HSE Management System (HSEMS) for our rail Transload operations, our resin coating methods and the construction of a permanent facility in which to conduct these processes. All Wayfinder’s managers and employees have input in developing and maintaining this system.

Our health, safety and environment commitment is driven by a corporate objective of enhancing value for our shareholders, communities and customers by providing our employees and contractors with the required resources such as HSE leadership, hazard controls, and training, to identify HSE risk and therefore prevent high-potential loss incidents. It is our belief that to be successful in the transportation and logistics business, our company must recognize and hold HSE as an integral component of the daily performance of duties.


  • All injuries and spills can be prevented;
  • All individuals engaged in Wayfinder operations have the responsibility to perform their duties in an HSE responsible manner;
  • By working healthy and safely, wearing prescribed Personal Protective Equipment and complying with established Wayfinder rules and procedures, all individuals engaged in Wayfinder’s operations are responsible for their own health and safety including working conditions and preventing injuries and other incidents;
  • Continual improvement of the Wayfinder HSE Management System is possible through the identification of risk and the implementation of appropriate risk mitigation and management strategies. These strategies will enhance the HSE performance of the organization.